Diet For Healthy Living – Macao Health Code

The Macao Health Code is a nutrient treatise which was developed in South Africa in 2021. The author, Dr Helen Thomas, was working together with the AIDS community in Cape Town and watched an increasing number of children who were becoming fatally ill with cancer, and other life threatening diseases. Her research into nutrition and cancer, along with her publication, Macao Health Code, sought to address these problems head on, and put forward a healthy alternative to the western diet, which appeared to be totally lacking in these areas. She managed to publish the initial eBook of the type in the UK in 2021.

Dr Thomas was a world known nutritionist, however, before she reached the attention of the planet throughout the Macao Health Code. Her studies at South Africa led her to become aware of the issues the poor were facing with respect to their diets. Although it was common knowledge that macadamia nuts were good for you, they were hardly eaten by most because of their comparatively high fat content. Therefore, they provided very little energy or nutritional advantage.

What was needed was something that provided a wholesome balance of fatty fish, nuts and seeds, along with other plant sterols and proteins. This isn’t what most diets supply. Most are heavy in salt, sugar and other unhealthy elements. They are also low in fiber.

Macao Health Code changed everything for many men and women. It premiered in April 2021 and has come to be one of the best selling books on the market. Countless subscribers quickly discovered its advantages and are now recommending it to others. Dr Thomas has been asked to write a regular column in this magazine, and this then become a book, and now it’s available on CDs.

The secret to this Macao Health Code is from the inclusion of fibrous starchy foods such as rice, which are very starchy. Fibrous foods are broken down and become very simple sugars. These sugars provide energy but also help prevent weight gain and provide much needed B vitamins.

The most essential element of this Macao Health Code diet is its focus on Omega 3 fatty acids, which give an essential part of your cell membranes, and in so doing, are very effective at preventing cancer. This leaves this diet not only exceptionally nutritious but also highly effective. If you have any health problems, you should talk with a health care practitioner before beginning to follow the Macao Health Code diet. But if you’re healthy, and wish to lose weight, you won’t be let down.

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